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Daft Punk Refused Entry To Ballarat Servo

Police were called to the Doveton Street Service Station in Ballarat on the weekend when a scuffle ensued after Daft Punk were denied entry to purchase fuel.
The incident occurred at 3pm after Shell Service Station employee refused access to the chart topping duo.
The clerk at the time, Warren “Wazza” Roberts, told From Our Streets “It wouldn’t matter if you were Slipknot or Kiss, our servo policy is clear about face coverings”

Daft Punk are regulars of the city who often spend their down time holidaying in Ballarat and their sophomore 2001 album “Discovery” is often seen as a homage to the region.
The electro pop group are known for their full head covering costumes which they began to wear after a pyrotechnic malfunction in the late 90’s leaving the pair with horrific facial scars.
Not all members of the community have a problem with the artists, Ron Burton who manages the Ballarat Aquatic and Lifestyle Centre has supported the duo for many years.

“I think it’s great that Ballarat is their second home… The boys often come down for a swim and we in fact offer ‘Daft Punk only’ swimming hours on some afternoons”

One Nation’s Pauline Hanson has also weighed into the issue taking to facebook to say
“This is just another example of the Daft Punk-ification of our society – how do we even know they are so they say they are. It could be anyone releasing their megahits!!”

Daft Punk currently are sitting top of the charts in the US with their no. 1 song ‘Starboy’ featuring The Weekend.

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