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Closure In Moscow Deny Links To Trump ‘Golden Shower’ Parties in Russia

Melbourne rockers, Closure In Moscow have been forced to issue a statement after a leaked US intelligence briefing specifically named the post-mosh-metal-prog-alternative five piece as being directly linked to Trump and his alleged ‘golden shower’ parties in Moscow, Russia. Lead vocalist, Christopher de Cinque, released a statement on twitter saying “Fake News from big losing main stream media. Tremendous lies. Sad” The comments follow a week of tension in which the security services briefed President Obama on what was described as ‘compelling evidence of continued and inappropriate contact between Closure…

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Julie Bishop Rorts Travel Allowance To Throw Food At Poor People

Foreign Minister and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, Julie Bishop has come under scrutiny for using her travel allowance to attend the annual European Purging Festival. The Purging Festival dates back to the early 1500’s where noble families would parade the poor and homeless at which they would throw spoiled food. Bishop charged the tax payer over $10,000 to fly herself and partner to the festival where she also took the opportunity to purchase a castle in the south of France. The Foreign Minister’s office released a statement late…

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